Individual donations

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Corporate donations and sponsorships

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Tax Benefits

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Individual donations

You can also contribute to the Centre through a planned gift.

Information regarding international gift-giving may be found at

uOttawa employees or retirees

If you are a uOttawa employee or retiree, you are eligible to donate via payroll or pension deduction. You can also take part in the Annual Employee Giving Annual Campaign.

More information can be found at

Your employer may have a matching program You could double or triple the impact of your gift with the help of your employer. Hundreds of companies in North America will match their employees' contribution to CIPPIC.

Search to see if your employer will match at

Corporate donations and sponsorships

CIPPIC can partner with businesses to enrich CIPPIC's student opportunities and to expand its public education initiatives.

Businesses can also strengthen their brands by sponsoring events or special promotions or sponsoring a public interest research fellow. CIPPIC works with corporations to ensure that agreements will both meet the goals of the business and the needs of CIPPIC, its students, and of the University.

More information concerning corporate gift-giving may be found at

Tax Benefits

You can get a generous credit on your federal and provincial taxes, through the Charitable Donations Tax Credit. Specific benefits are also available when gifting securities.

Cash donations

For annual donations under $200, you will receive a tax credit of about 15 cents per dollar donated on your federal income tax statement. For donations exceeding $200, you will be credited about 29 cents for every dollar donated.

The provincial tax credit varies depending on the province in which you live. For example, in Ontario, a $1,000.00 donation would provide a federal tax credit of $262.00 and a provincial credit of about $99.00. As a result, you would benefit from a tax rebate of about $361.00 for the year in which the donation was made.

First-time donors (i.e. neither you nor your spouse has claimed a charitable donation tax credit for any year after 2007) are eligible for an additional 25 percent credit from the federal government. An Ontario resident making a first-time donation of $1,000.00 would benefit from a tax credit totalling about $611.00 — more than half the value of the donation.

To estimate your tax credit, see the tax credit calculator on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

For specific and accurate information about your personal tax situation, please consult a qualified financial advisor.

More information on tax benefits may be found at

Gifts of securities

Donate securities directly to the University to avoid paying the capital gains tax on your investments.

Current legislation in Canada allows you to donate publicly traded securities, mutual funds and bonds to registered charities without having to pay capital gains tax. To avoid paying the capital gains tax, the securities must be transferred directly to the University, without first being cashed.


Donors benefit from excellent tax incentives; The tax receipt reflects the value of the shares on the day of transfer to uOttawa; If a donor’s charitable credits for the year exceed the standard 75% of net income, the donor may carry the excess tax credits forward for up to five years. More information is available at


If you want to discuss donation or sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

David Fewer, Director
Tel.: 613-562-5800 x 2558

If you have any questions regarding how to give, formalities, donation receipts, please contact:

Sylvie Corbin, Director, External Relation
Faculty of Law, Common Law Section | +1 613 562-5800 (x4503)

How to Donate

CIPPIC, part of the University of Ottawa, a Canadian charitable organisation, can receive individual or corporate gifts in the form of cash or securities. There are various methods by which you can make your donation.

Please allocate the gift to the “Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC)” (automatic for online donations). Cheques should be made payable to “University of Ottawa - CIPPIC”.


We accept credit card and other online payment methods through our donation form.

Donation form

Automated bank withdrawal

Fill out the form to set up a pre-authorized debit withdrawal.

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Mail or fax

Fill out this form to donate via mail or fax.

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Gift of securities

Donate securities directly to the University to avoid paying the capital gains tax on your investments.

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