Bill C-61 was a bill to amend Canada's Copyright Act.  The bill died on the order paper with the election of 2008.  However, the present government has indicated in its Throne Speech that it intends again to introduce legislation to amend the Copyright Act.  Accordingly, we keep this FAQ available to the public.

Bill C-61 is An Act to Amend the Copyright Act.  Introduced on June 12, 2008, this controversial bill tackles a range of copyright issues, including anti-circumvention laws, consumer rights, ISP liability, certain educational exceptions and photography issues. 

At present, Bill C-61 is not law. It has passed First Reading.  It remains to be seen whether this Bill will survive to become law, either in its present form of in an amended shape.

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ISP Liability


Performers' Rights

Private Use

TV and Radio


Educational Institutions and Distance Education

Library, Archive, and Museum Rights

Educational Use of the Internet

Public Domain Works and Terms of Protection

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