CIPPIC co-hosted a Public Forum on Internet Surveillance in Ottawa today, with the objective of discussing issues arising from the government's lawful access legislative agenda. The Public Forum, which was held at St. Paul University, kicked off with a book launch for "The Internet Tree: The State of Telecom Policy in Canada, 3.0". This book launch was followed by screenings of two mini-documentaries: "(Un)Lawful Access: Canadian Experts on the State of Cyber-Surveillance" & "Moving Toward a Surveillance Society", each exploring different elements of the online spying debate. Finally, the event closed with two panels:

  • Lawful Access: Legal & Technical Questions. Moderator: Roch Tassé. Panelists: Stephen McCammon, Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario; John Lawford, Public Interest Advocacy Centre; Kirsten Embree, Fraser, Milner, Casgrain; Christopher Parsons, PhD Candidate, University of Victoria;
  • Lawful Access: Policy Roundtable. Moderator: Dr. Michael Geist. Panelists: Charlie Angus, MP (NDP); Elizabeth May, MP (Green Party); Charmain Borg, MP (NDP)