CIPPIC has been granted leave to be added as a party before the Supreme Court in the leave to appeal of Voltage v Doe #1, 2023 FCA 194.

The leave to appeal arises in the context for default judgement in respect of mass filing copyright litigation. Voltage had sought judgement against 30 anonymous internet subscribers whom Voltage had alleged it had caught sharing one of its movies through BitTorrent and who had failed to file a Statement of Defense.

Previously, CIPPIC participated as an intervener on the merits in both the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal and provided helpful submissions to the courts. CIPPIC was the only party to provide opposing submissions in the lower court and its interventions were well received and its written submissions helped the courts to decide to dismiss Voltage’s motion.

Rather than seek leave to be added as an intervener CIPPIC sought to be added as a party to the proceeding as none of the named respondents intended to contest the motion or appear before the Court. CIPPIC’s participation in the proceeding as a party is integral to providing the Court with a perspective adverse to that of Voltage.

Read CIPPIC’s Motion to be Added as a Party.