In January, CIPPIC participated in the government consultation on Copyright in the Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence. The consultation focused on how the government can amend the Copyright Act to better accommodate generative artificial intelligence (gen-AI or AI), with a specific focus on protecting the rights of owners and authors of copyrighted works while still encouraging computational innovation.

The consultation document specifically enquired about the use of copyright-protected works in text and data mining activities (TDM), authorship and ownership of works created by gen-AI, and how liability should be apportioned where works created by gen-AI result in copyright infringement. This report, authored by CIPPIC students Abigail Kearney and Gareth Spanglett, provides the context in which each of these issues arise under the current Canadian copyright regime and summarizes CIPPIC’s stance on the inquiries posed by the consultation.

Read CIPPIC’s full submission.