Over the past few years, file-sharing - i.e., the sharing of files over peer-to-peer (P2P) networks - has become a popular way for music lovers to sample and gather music from a wide range of performers. Although other types of files such as movies, television shows, and video games can also be downloaded and shared in this manner, music file-sharing is more widespread due to its lighter storage and lower bandwidth requirements.

However, most of the music downloaded and shared by consumers is copyrighted and hence, subject to laws limiting the rights of consumers to reproduce and distribute it. See "Is File-sharing Legal in Canada?" below. In an attempt to discourage file-sharing, the recording industry in Canada and other countries has launched a campaign against file-sharers, suing them for copyright infringement. This webpage focuses on music file-sharing.



For information on file-sharing lawsuits in Canada (FAQs, court documents, etc.) see CIPPIC's File-sharing Lawsuits webpage.


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