Public Interest Participation in CRTC proceedings (TNC CRTC 2009-716)

In Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2009-716, the CRTC respopnded to incumbent calls seeking an overhaul of the public interest intervener costs regime. Incumbents argued that the current structure, under which the CRTC can order private parties to cover the cost of participation for public interest interveners, is overly burdensome and must be overhauled. CIPPIC intervened to argue, successfully, that the CRTC's regulatory mandate cannot be fulfilled without vibrant participation from public interest oranizations with accrrued expertise in relevant areas of telecommunications law and policy. Such organizations find participation in CRTC proceedings to be a great strain on internal resources, and would find it difficult to participate on par with industry players without the current cost award structure in place. Furthermore, no case had been made out that the current structure was, in fact, problematic.