CIPPIC is marking the start of Fair Dealing week with the launch of its new look website! While we liked the retro-chic of our old site, we love our new, refreshingly clean look. You’ll find the same content at as we’ve always had - we took our old stuff with us to this new site. But we are adding a few new features.

  • First, the site is much more social-friendly and mobile-friendly, enabling our readers to find our content on the platforms they choose and on the device they use.
  • Second, we’ve added a blog capability! CIPPIC lawyers and interns will post the odd comment piece, plainly marked as such. We’ll start with a few posts this week celebrating copyright user rights in recognition of Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week (February 26-March 1).
  • Third, we have a new logo! We fondly say "adieu" to what we called "The Puck", and we welcome the Leafy C.
  • Fourth, we're on Bluesky Social! Find us

We hope you like the new site as much as we do! Big thanks to Shay Kennedy of Dreamside Digital for her patience and guidance. We love what we’ve built here at CIPPIC, and we love what Shay’s built to help us bring CIPPIC to the web.